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Ode to the Sun——Katelyn Gao (10th) 2018-05-07

Ode to the Sun——Mandy Pan (10th Grade) 2018-05-07

Ode to air-conditioner——Jennifer Wang (10th) 2018-05-07

Ode to WIFI——Jeffrey Zhao (10th) 2018-05-07

Ski or Roll?——Shirley Peng 2018-05-07

Grandma and Me——Kevin Guo 2018-05-07

What kind of school is SWIS? 2018-04-24

Wenlai International Department Starts Enrollment of 2018 (Consultation and Application Channel Opens!) 2018-03-05

Those School days We Have been Through from 2017.9~2018.2 2018-03-05

2018 SWIS New Year Concert Display of Music Program come to a happy termination 2018-03-05